Baby, jump then fall

↳ Seunghoon & Mino in Kawagoe

Via class is in session

[HQ] WINNER for NII F/W 2014 (1600x900)
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Mino in specs T__T

Namsong during Winner’s fansign event. (x)

Via taehyong.

Winner reacting to being nominated for triple crown, and being very excited. Especially Taehyun.

Via mental beauty

winner’s reaction to being nominated for a triple crown…

mino — i’m him (걔 세) mv

Via winnerbangs

When you thought Mino could look coo… NOPE.

Via G A N J I .

taehyun getting stabbed by the mino booty (◕‿◕✿)

Via gongheohae

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